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- Brandon S.

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The age of the comeback

Recovery = One Breakthrough At a Time

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Hey there!

It's Brandon S, your addictive life coach! I'm incredibly honored that you're here. I'm going to share with you a few of my journey's most important lessons that have made me who I am today.

  • Accomplished: Currently attending "Live4you" highly specialized training for life coaching (Grad 1/1/24)
  • Determined: 14 years experience in amateur olympic style boxing
  • Intelligent: I was honored to be able to deploy to Afghanistan to help support our troops by providing crucial communication systems.
  • Driven: I've emerged victorious after a 7-year struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol.
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Recovery Training

Life Coaching

Work With Me

My services

My mission is to live a life of service. I've experienced the destructive effects of addiction and the joys of living a life of purpose - both sides of the same coin. Through my personal journey as well as the specialized training I've completed, I'm offering recovery training and life coaching services to help others.

  • Recovery Training: Through challenging and highly motivational workshops, you can break through limiting beliefs and toxic habits to begin your new life. In the "Warrior Within" workshop, discover the possibilities that come with your newfound strength. In the "Champion Within" workshop, embark on a deep dive into your being to unearth and emancipate yourself from the self-sabotaging beliefs of the past.
  • Life Coaching: In the last workshop, take the knowledge and confidence from the previous two workshops and put it into action. During this intensive three month period, you will uncover the power of relationships and find ways to break through existing beliefs, from the crib to the world, and everywhere in between.​

Self Mastery


Our Self Mastery Education Program: Unlock Your True Potential Through Addiction Recovery, Workouts and Podcasts, Yoga, and Holistic Healing and Nutrition. Break Catastrophic Cycles of Drug and Alcohol Use, Reach a Deeper Inner Peace, and Live a Bountiful Life Full of Vitality.

Addiction Recovery

Your Recovery Story Starts Here: Take Control of Your Life


A yoga program for beginners; basic poses and postures to help people increase flexibility, strength, balance, and mindfulness

The Age of the Comeback

Learn the Power of Your Fist: Unlock Your Potential with Weekly Boxing Drills and Podcasts

Holistic Healing and Nutrition

Fundamentals of nutrition, personalized dietary plans, self-care tips, stress management techniques, and physical activity guidelines. 

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Weekly Episodes.

EP01: Introduction To The Journey

Join me as I guide you through my personal journey of discovery: from facing difficult tribulations to finding motivation to conquer them. By the end of this video, you'll understand why Life Coaching has become such a passion of mine. Follow me as I explain the story of how and why I found my true purpose. Let me inspire you to unlock your own limitless potential.

EP02: Receiving The Gift

It's easy to give gifts to others; however, it's much harder to receive one for yourself. Why is that? Have you ever wondered what is blocking you from allowing yourself to receive something special? Now is the time to understand the reasons behind such behavior and learn how to accept a gift with grace. Watch this video to explore why you're finding it so difficult to receive the gifts you have asked for and empower yourself to open up to life-enriching presents.

EP03: Operating from Responsibility

Are you always living shackled to negativity and limited results? Or have you taken personal responsibility for creating the results you desire? Victimhood will NEVER bring fulfillment, but taking responsibility will! You are the one in control of your success.



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